8 May 2017

mini kuš! #51-54 are out now!

A spring cornucopia of spectacular mini kuš! issues. Order them as a set or individually. More details on all 4 issues below.

In Jaako Pallasvuo's Mirror Stage we're taken on a journey of self-reflection, introspection and dank memes. Cátia Serrão teaches us the importance of quackery in Acquisition. Līva Kandevica takes us on an emotional (and very yellow) rollercoaster in the aptly named Yellow. In Bad Ball we see the result of radioactive insects on discarded comics, all thanks to Samplerman!

Specs: Each book has 28 pages, full color throughout, offset, printed locally in Riga on high quality environmentally friendly Munken paper, saddle stitch binding, handy format DIN A6.

Get 'em: Order the mini kuš! collection for $19 here or get each mini kuš! separately for $6 (Prices include worldwide shipping!). Make sure you never miss a kuš by subscribing here.

A closer look:

mini kuš! #51

'Mirror Stage' by Jaako Pallasvuo
'Who's in the middle when the two sides of your face are side by side, as they are, in the mirror.' - Mirkka Rekola
Reflect on this wondrous quote by getting yourself a copy here.

mini kuš! #52

'Acquisition' by Cátia Serrão
Starting with the anodyne question 'What does the duck say?' Acquisition stages a proof test conducted by an absent master and a semi-present assistant to a candidate in the best tradition of clownish pixelated Kabbalah.
Aquire your own copy here.

mini kuš! #53

'Yellow' by Līva Kandevica

What would you do if you knew that this reality that you experience does not even exist? This is a yellowish nightmare where the protagonist is trapped in his own imagination. It seems like a never-ending suffering, but maybe it's not even happening?
Release your mind and purchase your copy here.

mini kuš! #54

'Bad Ball' by Samplerman

What if an old discarded comic book was suddenly bitten by a radioactive, genetically modified spider? Would the cover drawing, or those inside the book, start behaving strangely? Would the dialogue slowly grow s(tu)pider and s(tu)pider? Would the paper start to melt? Would the story devolve to the point of meaningless? None of these questions will be answered in this minicomic.
Roll on into our webshop and grab your own copy here.

Ready to experience more? Order your very own issues of mini kuš! here.
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